A. U.

Putting Things Together

So we are home to a ruined house, and a dead Alois. On the other hand with Fredreich’s death we can move on with our lives. I make new bank accounts, buy shares in a bank, and just gather resources. I also tell Chiba to gather a black book of drug dealers, hackers, weapons dealers, and anyone I can use for the future. I am also looking into buying my own plane, and finding information on sea shipping.

Then I tell Chiba to find me a prostitute, she does. I work my powers on the prostitute, and get her to confess her clients secrets. I also get her to spread a rumor that Ignatius thinks of me as a brother. This should work very well to my advantage, and press vampire society to make it true. Besides if anything happens to me because of it, it would make Ignatius look weak. I can use him as a resource if I have to. It is all starting to line up, and even if Ignatius does figure out about my lie about Fredreich, what will he do? He helped me reverse all his misdeeds.



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