A. U.

Hiding Out and Healing Blood Bonds

So I go to my hotel, and open a room, and food brought to it. But in actuality we are hiding in the secret room, and the other is a prop. Some time through it, and I get the idea that Fredreich can track us from our phones, so I take them, and put them in the hotel. I add a little blood, and leave a note for Stephanie. Two nights go bye, and twice she is rebonded to me. I need one more night to complete it. With any luck Fredreich will be killed from the bloodhunt, and things will die down. Until that final night of blood bonding, we shall see.

I've Got Something for You!

So, I take Kathlene into Elysium, and get a bloodhunt out on Fredreich. Which is great, I must admit. After a little talking with Michelle (and, her trying to heal Kathlene, which I would not allow.), we leave. I do not go back home, instead I go to my hotel. I have a secret room there, and it is perfect for a few nights. I have to get our blood bond back, and make sure Fredreich has no chance.

I also tell Alois to go underground, and have his guards stay in my house, just in case. I can never be too careful about stuff like that. I’m sure Fredreich is plenty upset, and confused (about the blood on the bed). Man, I wish I could see his face when he finds out Kathlene is gone, and there is blood everywhere. It must have been pretty priceless.

I've Got You

The plan went off easily. Ignatius really went for it too. We gathered all the people together, and went (except for Alois). It was in a bunker, and after searching through it with me, Ignatius, Janice, Chiba, and the two gangrels, plus 3 of Alois’ bodyguards. No one was home, and I got Kathlene. She was in terrible shape, and naked. We freed her. Apparently Fredreich was not at home.

I left him lots of drops of Kathlene’s blood, and everyone elses. It looked like quite the struggle. Ignatius still thought we were looking for Stephanie the whole time, and he still does not know. We got some new clothes for Kathlene, and headed off to Elysium. It is time a bloodhunt is called, and Kathlene’s body is all the proof we need. Prince Michelle will have no way of saying no this time. Here is the proof, and we have a good selection of witnesses. Fredreich will die!

I'm Coming for You!

So a few new faces tell me they want to know about what happened. But they are both gangrel, so I was reluctant. Eventually I relent, and they are horrified, they should be. So they give me a plan to get Ignatius to talk. I pretend to kidnap Stephanie, and get him to come out with Fredreich’s location. I hope it works for Kathlene’s sake.

Out with It

So tonight, I set up my own organization called the Kings, I also told Michelle about what Fredreich has done. I tried to talk to the Tremere Primogen but he does not want to tell me anything. I dunno what to do now, I mean what can I do. He just wont tell me anything, but I know he knows.

The Finding

So, I am going to my hotel. From there I am going to offer these fans of mine (that I found online) the chance of a lifetime. I’m not talking turning them or even ghouling them. I am talking about a cult. A group of people devoted to my ‘family’. I never want to lose anyone else again, so I am setting this up with loyal fans. Then from their ambulance drivers, and doctors, and politicians, and everything. I am even going to put Chiba in charge of the combat division.

Yes, they are going to be mortals at first, but that is the brilliance of it. When all this is done, I am going to be done with the Camarilla. Just like the Giovanni, I am going to be independant. This is the starting ground. I want what the Giovanni have, resources, family, an organization that works for the greater good of the whole. Besides with this at my back, and hopefully more and more vampires, people I love will never be taken from me again.

Worst Night of My Life

So I finally figured out the vision. Fredreich has made a deal with Ignatius, and has Kathlene, and is feeding her his blood to bond her with him. It has already been two nights. But now we know, and I will do anything to get Kathlene back. Even if it means making a deal with Michelle or Maebh. I will see Fredreich dead, and Kathlene will be okay. Even if I die again, this is hell, and Fredreich (even if he is powerful) will die.

I have decided to use super soakers filled with oil, and molotov cocktails to do the job. Not even he can resist against fire. All his powers will not save him from me. I just have to find out where he is. For that I might collect my boon with Michelle. I have to save Kathlene.

More Terrible Night and a Trail?

Alois suggested I bring Stephanie to my new house as bait for her sire Gabriel. So I went to Elysium but she already knew why I was there. So I just talked to her for awhile. After I talked to Michelle as well, and told her Kathlene was taken by Maebh. It is all to midirect her, and see what her reaction would be. It did not work how I wanted it too. So I go back home with not much news for Alois.

Fredreich finally calls me, and apparently Maebh is not the kidnapper. So who was Michelle or Gabreil or something else? After awhile Fredreich calls me back, and Gabriel is in hiding. This gives Fredreich every right to hunt them down, because if they are innocent then why are they running. We don’t know where they live so we are going to talk to the Anarchs about it. Maybe we can convince them to take Michelle off the throne as well. I go to bed hugging tightly to Janice, and imagining just for awhile that it is Kathlene.

A Terrible Night

So Kathlene and Fredreich were suppose to go to a safe place, and I got a text from Kathlene saying, HELP. So Alois, Chiba, Janice, and I went there, and the place was wrecked. Fredreich was staked, and Kathlene gone. We have a few suspects but no solid leads yet.

A Quiet Time for Preperations

So we spent most of the time arguing, and debating on what must be done. So Fredreich is going to scout the area out for a church. Maybe we will find something. I can only wait, and I feel very useless as Fredreich and Kathlene leave. What can I do? What should I do?


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