A. U.

A Quiet Night

So tonight was a rather boring night, but man is boring better than…that other stuff. Chiba is looking up information for me, and Janice is staying at her parents. I went out to Elysium, and there is a new sheriff in town. I also went to get some inconspicious clothes. So after that I went to Janice’s parents house, and yeah they know about my three girls, but man are they blind little sheep. I was too a few months back, but my eyes have never been more open.

Putting Things Together

So we are home to a ruined house, and a dead Alois. On the other hand with Fredreich’s death we can move on with our lives. I make new bank accounts, buy shares in a bank, and just gather resources. I also tell Chiba to gather a black book of drug dealers, hackers, weapons dealers, and anyone I can use for the future. I am also looking into buying my own plane, and finding information on sea shipping.

Then I tell Chiba to find me a prostitute, she does. I work my powers on the prostitute, and get her to confess her clients secrets. I also get her to spread a rumor that Ignatius thinks of me as a brother. This should work very well to my advantage, and press vampire society to make it true. Besides if anything happens to me because of it, it would make Ignatius look weak. I can use him as a resource if I have to. It is all starting to line up, and even if Ignatius does figure out about my lie about Fredreich, what will he do? He helped me reverse all his misdeeds.

Fredreich's Death and Marriage

So me and Chiba went and met Ignatius. He kept to his bargain well enough. He had Fredreich too. After Ignatius left I had Chiba burn him alive. It made an impact on her, but I talked to her about it, and she seems better. After a quick stop to the jewelry store, and to the hotel, we went home. The place was torn apart, after some investigation we found out that Alois was murdered by Fredreich. After that I cheered Kathlene up by giving her the ring, and she said yes. So friends, murderers dead, and I’m getting remarried.

Now Comes the Time

I tried a very…stupid thing. I thought I had a method to help Kathlene recover. Instead it made things worse. I got angry, I wanted a drink, but instead I crumbled to the bed. She said she loved me but I didn’t say it back. A horrible feeling came over everyone, and it was then that I realized what I had done wrong. I made amends and somehow things improved. I also talked to Ignatius, and they captured Fredreich at the cost of one of their own. I lament the lie because they lost someone, but this has to be done.

A Plot Unfolding

So Ignatius went for it and is on the line. He looked through my ghoul’s mind and has agreed to the deal. I can’t wait to see this done. I talked to Kathlene about diablerising him but she fears that I could become like him. It is best to be done with it as soon as possible. Fredreich deserves his fate many times over.

The Beginning

So it is all going to plan. Janice sounds like she is gonna be okay with this. I even got her to do a few other things for me. All in all it sounds like it may work. I just have to keep a cool head. I even prayed to Arikel for help, but nothing happened, oh well.

Plans to New Start

So I speak with the gangrels and they simply will not go forward with letting me or Kathlene into their minds. They won’t do it. I state clearly that if not, then I am doomed. So they suggest that I should alter my ghouls memory and present it to Ignatius. I have to be very very careful about doing that as I am sure he already suspects some foul play.

A Plot and Plan

So someone comes to find me, and it is Stephanie. She hands me a phone, and I talk to Ignatius. He once me to do a job for him, and in return he will capture Fredreich for me. So my deal is that I erase all three gangrel’s memories. I think I have a brilliant plan, but I have to see first. I will have to really hold it together.

More Healing and Hiding

So, I talk with Kathlene, and try to make her feel better. I dance with her, kiss her, and in general try to heal her emotions. I think it is working, and she even said she will only trust me from now on…that is very good for me. I give her more of my blood, and then Janice, and hopefully that will do it.

I wonder why she really made me into a vampire? Was she lonely? Or, was she only fascinated by me as…Stephan King. I would like to know. I also have a few other plans, but I am going to have to bend the rules a bit for it. It is time to test out my new power, and start to understand this vampirism in greater detail. It all starts with a doctor, and Kathlene’s ghoul cop.


We were hanging out, and Chiba tells me how I told her that I liked Janice more than her, well she takes that as an opportunity to be more like Janice. It hurt me a little to find out the truth. This ghoul thing is more deep than I thought. But after some heated words, and fixing them we patch things up.


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